Alleyne Dickens, Author

History with Mystery and Passion

It might be time to blog…


I’m late to the party. What else is new? But really it might be time for me to dip more than my toe into social media.

I’ve been very active on Facebook for the last five year (I know how long because they told when they offered to make a movie of my activity over the last five years).  It’s my preferred social media outlet. I also have a twitter account, but tweeting is like pulling teeth for me. I’ll have to try that more too.

So this is my first blog post. Hopefully it won’t be my last!

Author: Alleyne Dickens

Alleyne Dickens was destined to be a writer the moment her parents named her. It's just taken her a while to get there. Pre-published, Alleyne writes historical romance, historical mystery and historical fantasy (aka steampunk).

2 thoughts on “It might be time to blog…

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I’ll be your first follower. 🙂

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