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I need your help


With the National Novel Writing Month I’m preparing to write a NEW book — the first new fiction I’ve written in a while. I’m going to try something completely different. I’m going to write a contemporary romance set at a National Specialty Dog Show! Scary, but if there’s anything I KNOW, it’s dog shows. I want to frame it as a “small town romance,” with all the quirky minor characters common in that genre. And in the dog world.

Here’s where I need help. I want to create a fictional breed.


I don’t want to use my breed — Belgian Tervuren (see above) — as I think there would be too much guessing about who the characters might be based on. I do want it be a herding breed, partly because I understand herding dogs, and partly because I want to include a herding trial. I’ve considered and pretty much eliminated all the recognizable breeds for various reasons. I want the size of the National to be such that conformation would need three days to judge, but only one judge. I want the this to be a milestone National (maybe 25th). I plan to make one of the prominent dogs in the story an import.

I’m perfectly happy to make up a breed. I don’t need a description. Just a breed name. Please submit suggestions, either here or on my Facebook page. If I choose your suggestion, I will use your name or your dog’s name in the book. Your choice. I’ll be choosing a breed name November 1st.

So… Help me out. Get in a book! Let your creativity flow!

Author: Alleyne Dickens

Alleyne Dickens was destined to be a writer the moment her parents named her. It's just taken her a while to get there. Pre-published, Alleyne writes historical romance, historical mystery and historical fantasy (aka steampunk).

8 thoughts on “I need your help

  1. Border Collie! Import can be from UK, Australia, etc. Herding, Agility, Obedience and more!

  2. Argentinian Sheepdog (or Shepherd). Obviously could be an Argentinian import. Argentina is both sheep and cattle heavy, according to a swift Google search, so breed could be used for either or both? Sorry it’s not that specific, I’m a terrier person.

  3. Australian Husky. Love the dog show setting for the novel!

  4. My neighbor here in Baltimore has a very active, what I see as a typical Border Collie. However, he is very small, and she spent an amazing amount of time and $$ to acquire him from”out west”. Her son had a “mini Border Collie”, and that’s how she was introduced to the “breed”. He is a lovely boy , appears to me to be the offspring of runts bred to runts. Could this not-exactly-a-recognized-AKC breed work for you? Nancy Caudill

  5. The Hungarian Rouster. A versatile breed that can go from the herding arena to the Best in Show ring with a quick shake of their luxurious long coat that is white with black or liver spotting like a Dalmation.

    The Rouster is fiercely loyal to those they know as family and will defend property with the fierceness of a Badger.

    The Hungarian Rouster is best known for their unique Coyote sounding bark.

  6. Adirondack Wolfhound.

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