Alleyne Dickens, Author

History with Mystery and Passion


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I was destined to be a writer since the day I was born. With a name like mine, what else was I supposed to do?

Stories have intrigued me all my life. Likewise history. All of my favorite books as a teen were historicals or mysteries. Or Barbara Michaels. And I knew from at least in junior high that I wanted to be a writer. It’s just taken me a little while to get there.

Aside from Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters, my major influences have been Thomas Costain, Morris West, Jan Westcott and Dorothy Dunnett. Now I read everything by Joanna Bourne, Loretta Chase, Deanna Raybourn and Meljean Brook.

I live in the Virginia Tidewater with my alpha hero, our daughter and a pack of Belgian Tervuren (a herding breed that looks like a cross between a German Shepherd and a Collie, which my family has bred since 1962). When I’m not writing, cooking or brushing dogs, I judge most breeds for the United Kennel Club and teach junior showmanship to our local 4-H club.

I’m an active PRO member of Romance Writers of America. I have served as President and Vice President of Programs for the Virginia Romance Writers. I’ve also served as Contest Coordinator of VRW’s Fool For Love Contest.

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